Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Happy Election Day!

In honor of it being Election Day, I'm putting a poll on my blog! My puppy raiser and I have been wondering lately what we should do with my blog once I head off to college. We are having a really hard time deciding what to do. So... we're leaving it to you... my loyal supporters... to help us figure it out!

On the right side you are going to see the poll. You can vote for more than one answer (for you indecisive people out there). And, you can even do a write-in vote, by selecting "other" and sending me a comment! How cool is that?!

You have until February 22 to vote. You can vote from the comfort of your own home... no waiting in long polling place lines! And, you don't have to worry about confusing things like cacas and gates [side note by puppy raiser: Ummmm, Carlo - that's "caucuses" and "delegates"]. Oh. Well, whatever they are... you don't have to worry about them in MY election!

So, what are you waiting for? Vote for what really matters... my blog!


Marilyn said...

I like all of those ideas. Maybe your puppy raiser should add all of those people as authors on the blog and they can take turns talking about how they miss you and what's going on in your life. Plus, we can learn about how little puppy #5 is doing with Lucky and Ashley.

Carlo, I don't want to say in writing what we call caucuses in our house. It's not polite.

Anonymous said...

Have puppy #5 take over, but have you should be a guest contributor... that way we will know what you are up to in college.

Do you get to come home for the holidays?

- a Bouvier puppy

Thida said...

What anonymous said. Have puppy #5 take over with guest spots from you and Lucky. After all sharing is a good CCI trait. :)

You'll have a blast at turn-in. You get to wear a really cool cape, walk on stage and people will clap for you and tell you how amazing you are. Your puppyraiser may look sometimes sad or even cry, but she's happy too. Humans are funny that way.

CONOVER said...

Um..puppy #5 plus let us hear about what you're doing in life so you don't leave us stranded.

goodblackdogs said...

Lucky should take over, until the new pup learns to write. My Mom won't let Maddy write cuz she's afraid of the expletives that would be spread on the web. If Mom thinks that is bad, she should hear what Cootie (the cat) says!! Talk about potty mouth. -Skipper

Wild Pilot & Tennessee Girl said...

We agree with what most everyone else has said...telegraph thoughts to your puppyraiser and let the next puppy take over too. So we can keep track of both of you!
--Penelope (and raiser)

Waffle said...

I think that you can strke a balance, how about making the little pup work for you! You retain the by-line and editorial rights. You can then be a cushy guest columist. Best of both worlds.

Have fun at college, study hard and write home it makes your human happy.