Thursday, October 23, 2008

Show Biz! (by: Carlo)

This week has been a busy one with my new found show biz career (for those of you who haven't heard/read the news... I'm going to be playing the role of Sandy in a stage production of "Annie")!

On Sunday I had publicity photos taken and today cast photos were taken. With all the photos taken of me, it was just like being at home! Only difference is that at the "Annie" photo shoots, I received TONS of attention by lots and lots of kids. It was awesome! I also got to wear a big (really big!) red bow. I've gotta say... I was lookin' good!

If rehearsals and performances are going to be anything like the photo shoots, I'm gonna luv this show biz stuff!


Madison and Andros said...

Such a cute photo! Good luck Carlo!

Lani said...

Hey wasn't someone CC'd for a fear of kids? Yeah right ;P