Sunday, October 26, 2008

A Day About Me (by: Gerrit)

Since Carlo has become the big show biz dog... everything has been Carlo this and Carlo that. Ugh! I may not be in show biz, but I'm still super duper cute! I told my puppy raiser this and she said that every day is all about me cause I get to go to work with her. Uh... oh yeah. I kinda forgot about that. But, still... Carlo has been getting lots of attention lately!

So, to make it up to me, my puppy raiser made yesterday all about ME (and it wasn't even a work day)! I got to go on a special training trip with my buddies Nick and Idelle!

We took a train all the way downtown. It was our first time ever for all of us pups on a train! We all did really well. In fact, the only hard part was getting on the train cause the stairs were kinda steep... and, it was also tough not picking up stuff up off the floor of the train. I found a really yummy peanut and picked it up, but my puppy raiser pulled it out of my mouth and said, "ick!". Personally, I didn't think it was ick at all!

Once we got downtown, we walked around and found a bunch of scary statues. First, we found this statue of a monster-sized cat...

Then, we found this scary dog! He was part of a civil rights exhibit at the library. If I looked scared, it's because I was! At least the scary monster cat, didn't talk. The scary dog growled and barked every time I went up to it. No kidding!!! Nick and Idelle didn't seem to mind too much. They told me there was nothin' to worry about cause the dog wasn't real. But, with the way it was barking, I wasn't quite believing that!

After visiting the scary statues, we joined up with a bunch of other puppy raisers for our actual dog training class. We worked on a bunch of commands, like "stand", "under" (which we had to do under a tiny chair!), and "back". Needless to say, we were all zonked by the time class was over.

It sure was a fun day... other than the scary dog. I told show biz boy, Carlo, all about it when we got home... :-)


Madison and Andros said...

Nice to hear from you! Looks like a fun time with your CCI Buddies!

Laura & Shawn said...

haha! That cat scared Kedra and she was a bomb proof dog ;)