Sunday, October 12, 2008

Gerrit the Naughty Dog (by: Carlo)

I've got so much stuff to blog about. Lots of good news about ME! But, writing about me can wait because first I just have to tell you about how Gerrit got in sooooo much trouble this week! Not only was he super naughty in class this week, but he also shredded a sock!

More on the sock incident later. First I'll tell you about how bad he was at puppy class. I got to go to class with my pal and Gerrit, so I got front row seating in watching how naughty he was. Usually, the little guy is pretty good. But, class this week was held at a dog park. Talk about distractions! There were dogs of all shapes, sizes, and smell. And, all the dogs were playing in this big park-like gated area. Puppy class was held outside of the gated area… but, we were close enough where we could see all the other dogs playin' and havin' a good time. I've gotta admit, even I was a little distracted and didn't watch the puppy class the whole time (but, I'm no longer a CCI dog in training, so I don't have to pay attention! Ah, the benefits of being a change of career dog!).

Anyways… Gerrit, the naughty dog, does this thing when he gets super excited… he starts to whine. It's this high-pitched annoying whiny sound that he sorta does under his breath. He rarely ever does it. But, boy was he doing it during class! Non-stop! AND, to make matters worse, he was so distracted by stuff going on at the dog park, that he started forgetting all his commands. This was really annoying my pal cause she had worked with him all week on stuff (to make up for the time she didn't get to work with him while she was in Hawaii). She knew Gerrit knew his commands. He just wasn't doing them! He got a little better with the commands towards the end of class… but, the whining didn't stop. He was even getting' on my nerves!

During the drive home my pal kept talkin' about how hopefully Gerrit will settle down and stop with the naughty behavior once he gets the 'ole snip snip. Gerrit had no clue what she was talking about. Poor guy. The little guy is getting de-masculinized tomorrow. I've tried explaining the whole thing to him, but he still thinks he's just going to a doggie spa…

Then, there was the sock incident. Friday morning we were following our usual morning routine. My pal was getting ready for work. Us dogs were just hanging out. While my pal ate breakfast, we all layed quietly on the rug, chewing on bones and toys…errrr… well, Lucky and I were doing that. Gerrit was chewing on something, but it wasn't a bone or toy. Unbeknownst to my pal, he found one of her socks. And, proceeded to chew it up like there was no tomorrow! Most of you probably know that I've always had a sock fetish. But, I don't shred them! I just like to carry them around and move them from room to room. But, naughty Gerrit, was shredding. Completely shredding. When Lucky and I noticed what he was doing, we stopped playing with our toys just so that we could watch what we knew was going to happen.

Sure enough, my pal glanced over at us, and said, "You guys are being such goo... Gerrit, what the #@!)@! are you doing?!" She quickly ran over, pulled what was left of a sock away from Gerrit, and yelled, "No! Bad boy!" And, Gerrit, who is totally oblivious, looked at her as happy as can be, wagged his tail, and gave her a big wet kiss on the cheek! Gerrit is one weird puppy. He is happy ALL the time... even when he gets totally busted!

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