Sunday, October 12, 2008

My New Careers (by: Carlo)

Being a CCI assistance dog may not have been for me... but, I finally have a new career! Actually, I've got several new careers!!! My pal has been working hard as my agent and she's been finding me all kinds of cool stuff to do (well, two cool things... and one not so cool)!

The first cool thing is that last week my pal and I passed our Delta Society evaluations! The evaluations were held at a hospital. We were tested on some basic obedience stuff, like sit, down, stay, and here. Then we had to go through a series of exercises that simulated what hospital visits would be like. My pal and I were a little nervous at first... but, it was so much fun! The evaluators thought I was super cute cause I wagged my tail and smiled throughout every single exercise! All we have to do now is submit some paperwork and our photo (for our official badge) and we will be a registered Pet Partner team! We'll be able to visit people in hospitals, nursing homes, schools, and other institutions! I'm going to get so much attention... AWESOME!

My second cool career is in show biz! That's right! Last week I auditioned for the role of the dog Sandy in a stage production of "Annie". And, I found out today that I got the part!!! Over the next few weeks I'm going to be in all kinds of publicity photo shoots. Then, rehearsals will start. And, finally... show time! I'll be blogging lots about my life as a show biz dog!

So, what does therapy work and show biz have to do with me being in a witch's costume? Absolutely nothing! But, that brings me to my 3rd career, the not so cool career... photo model (sigh). As you all know, my pal is really into photography... and I (unfortunately) am one of her favorite subjects. I thought that pet therapy and show biz would take her mind off shooting photos of me. But, today she throws all of this stuff on me and makes me pose for some Halloween photos. It wasn't all that bad cause I did get paid heavily in treats. Plus, she only took a couple of photos. The part that's got me worried is that she said these photos were just test shots. Uh oh. I think I need a raise!

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