Monday, October 13, 2008

A Shout Out to Guide Dogs in Training (by: Carlo)

I'd like to give a shout out to all the Guide Dogs in training out there, who visit my blog on a regular basis. Some of them even nominated my blog for a special "I love your blog" award!!! How cool is that?!

As the winner of this award I'm supposed to nominate 7 other blogs and put links of blogs I nominated on my blog (to keep passing the love!). But, the truth is, between all of my new careers, blogging about important things like how Gerrit is naughty, and sleeping, I rarely have any time to check out other blogs! So, I'm not exactly going to follow the "I love your blog" award rules, but I just wanna give a woof paws up to few blogs that I have checked out: Raising Eyes for the Blind, The Puppy Raising Roller Coaster, Spanky: The Adventures of a Guide Dog Puppy in Training, and Brax's & Frankie's Blog. These blogs are all about guide dog puppies... and all of these pups (and their puppy raisers) have checked and commented on my blog at one time or another!

P.S. Sorry for being such a rule breaker. But, hey... I'm a change of career dog! I don't have to follow all the rules anymore! Hee Hee! :-)

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