Sunday, June 1, 2008

Field Trip to Build-A-Bear (by: Gerrit)

Today we went on a field trip to this place called Build-A-Bear. It ROCKED! It was in something called a mall, where there were lots of other shops. My puppy raiser said that she never takes a puppy as young as me to the mall... but, that she was making an exception this time because Build-A-Bear had something special.

I found out that the special thing it had was a lab puppy with an assistance dog jacket! Build-A-Bear even had a special promotion last month in which they donated some of the money from the sales of any stuffed dogs to CCI. It was a bummer we couldn't go on our field trip sooner!

From the second we walked into Build-A-Bear, I LOVED it. There were stuffed animals EVERYWHERE! And, my buddies Nick and Idelle were there! With all that and the shiny floors, kids, and lights... dang, I was one excited pup!!!

My puppy raiser and I picked out a black lab puppy... and then we took it to this machine, where a lady stuffed it with stuff. The lady asked my puppy raiser to pick out a heart... hold it to her forehead and make a wish... and then put it in the stuffed puppy. Now that's incentive to tear up this puppy! [side note by puppy raiser: Gerrit, you will NOT be tearing up this puppy!] The lady also asked my puppy raiser if she would like to have a sound (like barking) put in the stuffed animal. My puppy raiser told her, "No, my real puppy makes enough noise as it is." She was talking about me! I didn't mind though... cause we only have room in our house for one American Idol! :-)

After Nick and Idelle had their new stuffed dogs too, my puppy raiser tried taking some photos of us. I was the only yellow pup in the whole group...

I was so excited about everything that I started to sing, "One of these pups ain't like the others"... but, my puppy raiser told me "NO!". So, I decided to attack my bestest buddy Nick!

My puppy raiser said that I'm not like Carlo at all. She said that I'm much more like the infamous Molly...

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theguidedogblog said...

So fun Gerrit! My raiser took me to Build A Bear on my 1st birthday and made a bear with my name and birthday. We have a lot of fun with him.