Monday, June 30, 2008

Shakin', Singin', and Sleepin' (by: Gerrit)

Sorry for my lack of blogging lately, but between shakin', singin', and sleepin', I've been one busy little pup (who actually is not so little any more… I'm growin' at super duper sonic speed!). I spent about a week with another puppy raiser while my puppy raiser went on a photography workshop in the Eastern Sierras. While away, I got to play a bunch with my buddy, Hope. It was totally fun…although, I kept getting in trouble for playing a little rough. I sorta kept forgetting that Hope isn't a stuffed dog (she's a real dog like me) and I kept grabbing her by the neck and shakin' her real hard. I actually thought it was a fun game… until her puppy raiser told on me to the CCI contract trainer… who told her what I was doing was unacceptable and that she should poke me in the side every time I did this. I soon realized that shaking Hope like a rag doll really wasn't all that fun!

What was fun, on the other hand, was going to my very first baseball game! Not only did I get to go… I also got to join my puppy raiser and and some other people as they sang the national anthem to all the people in the stadium! It was super duper cool! I even got to wear a fancy red, white, and blue bandanna (that's me wearing it in the photo above before the stadium opened)! My puppy raiser said I was a really good boy while they were singin' (probably cause Hope wasn't there for me to play rough with).

You're going to find this really surprising, but I didn't even sing at the baseball game! I was plannin' on it (cause you all know how I love to sing), but it was super hot and the air was smokey from all of the fires going on right now... plus I sang a little at Hope's house… so, I was too dang sleepy to sing. I ended up plopping down right around the part "And the rockets red glare…" and was pretty much ready for a nap, when the song ended with "…. home of the bravvvvvvvvvvvve". In fact, I've gotta admit... I ended up falling asleep during the actual baseball game... not even the smell of hot dogs could keep me awake!


The Puppy Raising Roller Coaster said...

You sure have been busy! Im glad you got to have fun a Hope's house. How fun you got to go to a baseball game!! You look adorable in your bandana

Pam said...

You know Gerrit, you seem to have forgotten the other kind of "shake" you learned at my house. Did you already forgot what I taught you before you got a chance to show your shakin' to your puppy raiser?