Friday, June 6, 2008

Home is Where My Heart Is (by: Carlo)

Today I came home! My puppy raiser drove out to Santa Rosa to pick me up from dog college. I was so happy to see her again... I gave her my biggest grin and nuzzled my head into her chest, while she gave me a huge hug!

She then took me and Gerrit (the little puppy she now raising), to CCI's dog park. She played with us for a really long time. That little guy Gerrit sure does have some energy! But, he's lotsa fun! I would play and then run over to my puppy raiser to check in. I just wanted to make sure she wasn't going anywhere... I wanted to go home!

During the long drive home, my puppy raiser told me that things are going to be kinda different now. She said that since I'm now considered a Change of Career (COC) dog, I can no longer wear my yellow working cape and go to all of the public places we used to go. Bummer! I didn't really understand it. After all, I'm still a good boy... I'm even a better boy now that I've been to college! She explained that it was because of laws and stuff. But, she said not to worry because we could still do our favorite things together... like hiking on trails and going on camping trips! Awesome! She also said that if I become a therapy dog, we will be visiting lots of new places as well. Totally cool!

As we continued our drive through the sonoma countryside, the fresh air blew in through the windows. I sighed and felt completely relaxed. Before I new it, I was snoozing away... and dreaming of what my new career was going to be like.

After we got home, I was re-united with Lucky. The dog that rules the roost was actually happy to see me too! Gerrit and I played off and on, while Lucky watched. Lucky told me that she was so happy I was home so that I could be the recipient of Gerrit's energy.

While I played somewhat with energy boy, most of the afternoon I pretty much stayed right by my puppy raiser's side. She constantly reached down and patted me on the head. And, she kept saying, "Sweet boy, I am so glad you are home." I'm glad I'm home too! I found out where my heart belongs. And, that place is home... with my puppy raiser.


Anna and Lawrence said... made me tear up on that one. You're such a lucky puppy to be able to come home to your raisers. I miss my boy so much!!

Anonymous said...

Amy here! I know we are supposed to be doing great things, but I hope I can be just like you! After all, making our puppy raisers and others have joy is important work too. Enjoy being HOME!