Saturday, June 14, 2008

Tankin' Up (by: Gerrit)

So, you know how Carlo mentioned in his last blog that we went to CCI puppy training class Thursday night? Well, he failed to mention the really exciting time we had when we got home...

It was super duper hot that night. So, when we got home, I was one thirsty puppy! So, I did what comes naturally to me... I tanked up on water! And, I do mean TANKED up! When I tank, I drink just to drink... cause it's fun! I like to watch the water drip from my mouth back into the bowl... and, if anything has fallen into the water bowl (like a leaf) I try to get it (by drinking all the water in the bowl)... and sometimes, I even fall asleep with my head resting on my water bowl, while mid-sip! Sometimes when I tank, before I know it, a whole bowl of water can be completely gone!

Because of my tanking habits, my puppy raiser closely watches my water intake. If we are at work... or out in public, she makes sure I never ever tank. And, she never lets me drink water past 8pm cause I'm still a little boy with a little bladder and she likes for me to make it through the night without having to go...

But, Thursday night she thought since it was so hot, I really did need some water. So, she made an exception to the 8pm rule. As I drank water, she took care of some things around the house. She heard the lap, lap, lap of my tongue... but I kind of did it in beat with the music playing in the background... so, she didn't think anything of it... until the music stopped. She then realized I wasn't simply drinking... I was tankin'! She told me to stop... but, by then, it was well... a little too late!

After my belly was nice and full of water, I quickly fell sound asleep on the rug. I didn't wake up until my puppy raiser said, "Ok, everyone... time for bed!" And, here is where my puppy raiser made a HUGE mistake. Instead of taking me outside right away... she thought she would first give Ashley (the parrot) her night time treat and put her in a cage. This only takes her a few seconds (Ashley loves treats as much as me)... so my puppy raiser thought I could hold it. Usually, I can... but, not after a tankin' session! And, some of you out there know what happened the last time I tanked! So, as she started to put Ashley away, I stood up, quickly realized that I couldn't take a step without peeing... and, I just let the flood gates open. My puppy raiser shrieked, "Nooooo!"... which totally freaked out Ashley, and she took off flyin' into the living room!

The next few minutes were a bit frantic as my puppy raiser got me outside (where I continued peeing), Lucky and Carlo got excited because they thought we were going to play, my puppy raiser ran around with towels and Nature's Miracle, and Ashley walked happily around the living room waiting for my puppy raiser to come and get her.

So, what's the lesson to this story: If your puppy tanks, don't mess with the parrot first!

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Andros said...

Yes Gerrit I too am a tanker and LOVE to drink water and sometimes after I tank I accidentally "hurry" in my sleep! Whoops!