Saturday, March 22, 2008

Me, Food, and My Wiggle Butt (by: Zucchini)

Hi! My name is Zuleika! Most people have trouble saying that, so they just call me Zucchini. I think that's hard to say too... but, I like being named after food! I love food! LOVE it! Speaking of food... is it time to eat yet?!

Eating makes me so happy, that I wiggle, wiggle, wiggle. Carlo's puppy raiser told me she has never seen anyone wiggle so much. I can't help it though. I LOVE to eat! It makes me happy! [side note by Carlo's puppy raiser: Zucchini, how can you even enjoy eating when you just swallow your food whole?!] Errrrr, I dunno! I eat fast cause the sooner it gets in my tummy the happier I am!

Speaking of swallowing things, I'm kind of known for swallowing things. Things other than food. This one time, I swallowed a really long piece of ribbon. My puppy raiser wasn't very happy with me. I ended up getting really sick and had to go to the emergency vet clinic. I now have a huge scar down my tummy. I like to show off my scar by rolling over on my back. Ok, ok, I really do that cause I love having a belly rub! Belly rubs are the best when I have a full tummy. Is it time to eat yet?! Everyone keeps asking me why on earth I would swallow a ribbon. What can I say... it looked like spaghetti!

I'm staying with Carlo's puppy raiser while my puppy raiser is in Peru. I hope she brings me back something from her trip... like food!!! Just thinking about that makes me wiggle!

Carlo's puppy raiser like to take photos. She made me hold still so she could get some photos this morning. But, when she said "release" I jumped up and wiggled cause I knew I would get a treat for being such a good model!

I'm going to be heading off to college in May. I can't wait to see my buddy, Carlo! It's just not the same here without him to play with. I've been playing with Lucky... but, she ends up stopping LONG before I'm ready to stop. I have to wave toys in her face to get her... hang on a second... I hear something! It... it sounds like the clank of a food bowl... woohoo! gotta goooooo...........


Marilyn said...

OMG, that is so what Z sounds like in my head!

The Puppy Raising Roller Coaster said...

hahahaha!! She sounds just like my lab Wren.

Pam said...

Dear Carlo's Puppy Raiser,

I just wanted to thank you again for watching me for the week while my PR abandoned me. She didn't even bother to bring me home any food, something about not wanting me to get sick from food from a foreign country. What's up with that?

I also thought I would let you know that I wiggle because it makes people laugh and it helps me maintain my girlish figure, its good exercise, burns them calories you know!

Tell Lucky that I miss her.