Friday, March 14, 2008

Me, Carlo, and Marvelous Mercer (by: Lucky)

Hey Everyone,

Lucky here. I'm the pet dog. And, I rule the roost. I'm hijaking Carlo's blog for a bit while he's off in college.

My pal (aka Carlo's puppy raiser) sure has been missing Carlo. Geesh, you'd think he was special or something. But, let me tell you this... I'M the special one. I've had to help raise FOUR of these CCI pups... and there's talk of a 5th one coming soon. I've had to put up with pups stealing my toys, hogging my pillows, pouncing on me, getting in my way, and taking attention away from numero uno... in case you didn't know, that would be me!

But, even though they have all been a little annoying, I have sorta liked all the little critters who have lived with us... especially since they have all realized that I am numero uno and I rule the roost. And, the one who realized this the most was Carlo. Yeah, I don't blame my pal for missing him... I've gotta admit, I miss that little guy too [side note by puppy raiser: Ummm, Lucky... Carlo was actually bigger than you]. Yeah, whatever. But, I still ruled the roost.

Anyways, the reason I'm writing today is that I wanted to tell you about this little 12 year old girl named Shea. She has a CCI dog named Mercer. And, she just released her 2nd book, "Marvelous Mercer - The Secret Project". She was on the CBS news the other night and it was a cool interview.

You can check out an excerpt from the news story here...

I could see Carlo helping a little girl like Shea. He would love doing something like that. And, a little girl or boy would love him in return. Carlo is pretty good... for a little pup. But, he should be good because he had me to help train him!


Marilyn said...

Wow. I can't believe she is only 12. What's up with all the content on your site that makes me cry????

Madison said...

I love Shea & Mercer, They are such a good team. Hopefully Conover & Carlo can grow up and have such a wonderful handler.