Saturday, January 17, 2009

Hotel for Dogs (by: Gerrit)

Today my puppy raiser and her SGF (Special Guy Friend) told me that they were going to take me to a hotel for dogs! "Oh boy!" I thought, "this must be part of my dog distraction new year's resolution... I'm gonna get to go to a hotel FULL of other dogs! How cool is that?!"

Needless to say, I was a bit disappointed when we pulled into the parking lot of a movie theater and I found out that we weren't going to an actual hotel, but a movie called Hotel for Dogs! But, even though it wasn't a real hotel and there were NO real dogs (other than me and the ones on the screen), it was still a good time! As we went into the theater people kept saying "Hi Marley!" as I trotted by. It's weird because these days it seems as if everyone knows me... but, for some reason they all get me confused with that dog from the Marley movie.

The movie Hotel for Dogs was awesome! From where I was laying, I could totally watch it and every time a dog barked or howled in the movie, I snuck a peek between the seats in front of me. We were surrounded by lots of kids in the theater. There was this one part of the movie which was really sad and all the kids around us were sobbing. I won't tell you why they were sobbing cause I don't want to give the plot away... but, I will say that the movie wasn't Marley and Me sad... fortunately, it had a happy ending! And, all the kids around us weren't sobbing by the time the movie was over.

After the movie, I got mobbed by people... but, it was all happy people since Hotel for Dogs had a happy ending. As my puppy raiser was taking the photo above, I had quite the audience. There was one little girl who kept posing with me... she was really funny! And, HAPPY! I love happy people! And, I love happy movies! If you ask me ALL movies should have happy endings... especially dog movies!

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Anna said...

How fun!!! Lucky for me, my dogs are all black, so they're not called Marley all the time :)