Sunday, January 25, 2009

Bad Dawgs (by: Gerrit)

Bad dawgs, bad dawgs, whatcha gonna do? Whatcha gonna do when they come for you?

Every dog has got to be a dog once in awhile. And, sometimes us dogs like to be well... a little bad. It's what makes us dogs... and it's what keeps life so entertaining!

Yesterday, as part of my new year's dog distraction resolution, Carlo and I got to go to Point Reyes with a bunch of other dogs (and their peeps). We spent the first part of the day doing training type stuff. I've gotta admit, it was super tough for me to keep it together while training. I try super duper hard... I seriously do, but when I see other dogs... I just get so happy! And, then I lose focus.

I did ok though... especially the part where we had to do an under on top of these big plastic tubes that moved. I wasn't scared one bit! We also got to go into a store that had tons of dog food. Our puppy raisers took us in there just to see what we would do... so, we were on super loose leashes, and our puppy raisers did not correct us or say anything at all to us while we walked through one at a time. They just observed. We were all pretty good... just a little sniffin' here and there. I saw Skipper scarf a few pieces of food off the ground and was worried that there wouldn't be anything left by the time it was my turn... but, there was! :-)

After all the training, it was FINALLY play time. Instead of going to play in the water (like we usually do when we go to Point Reyes), the puppy raisers thought it would be a great idea to take us to a big field instead... that way we wouldn't be all wet and smelly during the drive home.

So, they let us all loose at this field... and OMG... I was in heaven! I ran and ran, with my ears flapping in the wind. All us dogs ran as a pack... this way and that! Through bushes, over hills, and under logs, we ran! And, then... well, one of us (I won't mention any names!) came upon a GREAT discovery. Behind some bushes (and NOT visible to the puppy raisers) was a... GREAT BIG LAKE! The puppy raisers saw us disappear for a moment from sight and I could vaguely hear, "SKIPPER, CARLO, GERRIT, IDELLE.... COME HERE!"... before SPLASH! One after another, all 7 of us were in that great big lake, water and mud flying everywhere... it was pure heavenly bliss!

But, then THEY came. The puppy raisers. They came for us... and they were not happy. They were even less happy when they got a few of us out of the water, and while they were getting the others (and before they could leash the few of us who were out), we were back in the water! Ok, ok, we all knew we were being bad dawgs... but, when you've crossed the line to already being bad... heck, you might as well continue having a little fun as long for as you can!

But, the puppy raisers finally got us all out of the water. And, needless to say, after our little water episode, play time was over. We were a little bummed that it ended so soon... but, would we have done it over if given the chance? Would we still have dared pissing off the puppy raisers by jumping in the lake? Heck yeah! Jumping in that lake was way, way, way too much fun!

The photos above and below were taken at a cool old brick building in the town of Point Reyes Station. Painted on the wall was "No Parking"... but, someone had changed it to say "No Barking"... how funny is that?! If we all look a little wet... it's cause we are! I know... bad dawgs, bad dawgs...


goodblackdogs said...

Geez Gerrit, what a little TATTLE TAIL!! I oughta pull out on of your hair plugs. Ya gotta learn, little dude, you don't take ALL the cookies or they'll notice. Eat one or two kibble, no big deal, no one notices. I even got to chew on a chicken bone for a while until LMRAT ratted me out. No hair plugs there, might have to bite one of her sticks.


Pam said...

Darn it, Gerrit, I am so sad that I missed the outing with all of you. My sister Hope was really sick so we couldn't go. We would have kept Idelle company so she wouldn't have to be the only black dog there. Me and Hope missed out on some fun didn't we? Bummer.

Your bestest friend,