Thursday, July 31, 2008

My Bro is a Star! (by: Carlo)

Guess what?! My brother, Caelan, is a star! His photo was in the North County Times (a San Diego newspaper)! You can check it out here: North County Times.

My pal (formerly known as my puppy raiser) keeps in touch with Caelan's puppy raiser (as well as the puppy raisers of my other brother and sisters). All of our puppy raisers compared notes while they were raising us. Supposedly Caelan is a lot like me in terms of our personalities!

Caelan is currently in doggie college (aka Advanced Training) in Oceanside. And, he may graduate this month! My sister, Cammie, may graduate this month too! She's in doggie college in Santa Rosa (that's where I went to school... until I decided to I wanted to come home :-). AND, my brother Corda graduated from the North Central region back in May. AND, my sister, China, was selected a breeder for CCI! My family rocks!

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