Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Dawg Days of Summer (by: Gerrit)

We were all hanging out this evening, sunbathing in the late afternoon sun. My puppy raiser said, "You know, it's been a really long time since we've written in the blog... we've gotta post a blog!". Lucky grunted and said, "Carlo should do it". Carlo looked pitifully at my puppy raiser, blinked his eyes, and said, "Do I have to?" So... needless to say... I was nominated for the job! How cool is that?! I quickly put on my journalist cap, grabbed a notepad, and started interviewing everyone as to what their excuses were for not blogging lately!

I asked Lucky first. She sighed and said, "Can't you see I'm busy, kid?" Then she rolled over and started snoring. Hmmmm... now that I think of it... that is why she hasn't been blogging lately! She's been super busy this summer napping and snoring! That's a pretty good excuse for not blogging, if you ask me!

Next, I asked Carlo! Carlo told me he's been busy enjoying the good life of being back at home. He's been busy teasing me with games like "keep away" and "catch me if you can". He's also been busy with his new career as assistance puppy raiser. He's been attending my training classes (although, usually he just hangs out and watches class... and then plays with all of us little pups after class ends). He and my puppy raiser have also been busy studying a book on how to become certified for therapy work through the Delta Society. My puppy raiser has to take a class and then they both have to go through some kind of evaluation, which I think is going to be sometime in October!

Next, I asked my puppy raiser what her excuse was. But, first I crawled in her lap (my favorite place) and got super comfy. My puppy raiser said she's been busy keeping up after all of us. She said she needs to start teaching us some useful stuff like how to put all of our toys away when we are done playing. Errrr.... why would we wanna do that?! She's also been busy with photography stuff. She's always taking photos. Lucky said that at least she's been taking photos of things other than us lately. I actually don't mind it when she takes my photo. My favorite thing to do is to help her clean her lens by walking up and giving the lens a BIG wet kiss.

As for me... well, I've been busy learning how to be a good boy! I still go to work every day with my puppy raiser. Work has been really fun lately. We had something called a bbq a few weeks ago. There were so many good smells in the air! And, just last week a group of us pups and our puppy raisers did a demonstration and visit at a nearby assisted living home. The people there gave us so much lovin'. I loved it! I've also been busy losing my baby teeth and growing! I'm 5 months old and growin' and growin' (although, I can still walk under Carlo... he's super big!). All that growin' is a lot of work!

As you can see, we've got a bunch of good excuses for not blogging. But, I guess the main reason we haven't been blogging is we've been too busy enjoying the dawg days of summer. Why be on a computer, when we can sleep and play outside?! Speaking of which, Carlo's got a cool looking toy he's running around with outside... I've gotta gooooo!

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Marilyn said...

Gerrit! Your posts are sooooo worth waiting for. Thanks for sharing all of the good pictures of the pups.

Thanks for giving me the extra dose of love before you left work today. I needed it!