Saturday, July 5, 2008

Happy 4th of July... Addendum (by: Carlo)

So, you're probably all wondering why we just posted a 4th of July photo yesterday of me and Gerrit... and none of us bothered writing anything. Well, with all the fireworks, parades, and parties going on... we were too busy... SLEEPING!

My pal (formerly known to me as my puppy raiser!) thought that since this was Gerrit's first 4th of July, it would be best to spend a mellow day at home. You never know how dogs are doing to react to loud firework noises. Her first CCI puppy, Lonnie (who was well... scared of everything) used to have a meltdown when she heard fireworks and would tremble uncontrollably. An old neighbor had a dog that got so upset by fireworks, he once scaled a 6 foot gate and ran off (it was amazing the poor guy didn't get hurt). So, based on stories like this, my pal makes it a point to make sure her pups are all ok on the 4th of July.

During the day, we went on a long "big boy" walk on the trails to celebrate Gerrit being almost completely vaccinated. Gerrit got his rabies shot a couple days ago and the vet says he is now 99.9% safe from puppy diseases [side note by puppy raiser: The vet said that they have been seeing an increase in Parvo cases in this area, so she will be giving him one more booster at 5 months old.]. Gerrit did pretty well on the "big boy" walk... but, he did get distracted by things like dogs (who did not look like him) and young children. Speaking of children... I saw one yesterday while we were walkin' that was about 2 years old and I gave him the biggest kiss on the nose (my pal keeps wondering whatever happened to that fear of kids I used to have... hee hee!). Anyways, back to Gerrit... when he gets excited he tends to start whining. My pal said that this is something we REALLY need to work on with Gerrit. So, it sounds like we'll be going on lots of training walks. Cool!

In the evening we had a BBQ out in the backyard. While we were back there, the firework shows started. We couldn't see them, but we sure could hear them. Some of the fireworks were really loud. Lucky got pissed at them and barked at a few times when she heard bang bang poppity pop. Gerrit and I played and could care less.

After the BBQ and playtime, my pal brought us all inside to watch a movie. That's when the firework noises really started! Whenever my pal heard a loud BANG! she looked over at us... and noticed Lucky was snoring, I was curled up making dreaming noises, and Gerrit was on his back completely wiped out. Talk about being unfazed by fireworks! Realizing that not even fireworks could wake us up, my pal decided to not bother waking any of us up to write a 4th of July blog.

Hope you all had a happy 4th of July... and that you got in some good naptime like us!

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Andros said...

Sounds like a GREAT 4th!