Sunday, March 1, 2009

Rainy Day Blues (by: Gerrit)

Today it rained ALL day. Let me tell you... three dogs stuck in the house all day cause of the rain = NOT good. Actually, Lucky didn't seem to mind... she just slept all day and looked quite happy about it. But, Carlo and I... well, me mostly... were searching for fun things to do in the house!

The only thing that was mildly interesting (other than pouncing on Carlo so that he would start wrestling with me), was checking out what my puppy raiser was doing in her photo studio. She was playing some kinda game where she would balance a bunch of little sticks on top of each other. She said it was a game called jenga... and she was shooting photos of it for an assignment. I didn't get the whole balancing point of it... so, I picked one up and started chewing on it until my puppy raiser yelled "Gerrit, No!".

Carlo then came in to check out what was going on... his tail was wagging as he came up to the tower of little sticks and my puppy raiser yelled, "Carlo, freeze... don't move!" I watched all excited about what was going to happen next. But, Carlo did freeze. In fact, the whole thing ended up being sort of a let down cause then my puppy raiser said "back" and Carlo backed right on out of there without knocking over a single stick from the jenga stick tower. Geesh, Carlo is such an overachiever. So much for my fun!

Sigh. Will the rain ever stop?

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