Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Muddy Ponds and Baths (by: Carlo)

My pal hasn't worked for the last four days... it's been awesome! We've gone on long walks every day, played in the backyard, watched movies, and hung out. It's been the absolute best time! She said that she's gotta work tomorrow, but that's ok cause I'm a little tired after today's outing.

Today Gerrit and I went to Hunter's home. Hunter is my BIG buddy with the HUGE backyard and ponds with mud in it. The last time I was at his house my pal said she's never in her life seen a dog so dirty as I was! I LOVE Hunter's muddy ponds!

I didn't get as dirty today, but boy oh boy did I have a good time! Gerrit was his usual self. He ran and ran and ran. That dude never stops. He also played keep away with sticks and toys that he found. I ran too, but not nearly as much as Gerrit. And, Hunter ran even less than me cause he's already 8 years old. But, he still played with us is in the muddy ponds... which was soooo much fun!

When we got home, the first thing my pal did was give us a bath. She said we couldn't step a single paw into the house until we were spotless. She also gave Lucky a bath. Lucky didn't go with us on our outing cause she sometimes gets a little pissy at Hunter cause Hunter doesn't accept the fact that she rules the roost. I asked Lucky once if Hunter's home was actually his roost... and she just glared at me and said that she rules the roost no matter whose home she's at. Personally, I think Lucky is a little scared of Hunter cause he's so gigantic. But, I would never ever tell Lucky that! Anyways, Lucky was a little peeved that she got a bath too. She hates baths. She grumbled that she didn't even play in the muddy pond... but, my pal said it didn't matter cause she was way overdue for a bath. So, Lucky sighed and put up with it... mostly because she knew if she put up with the bath she would get treats afterward. I LOVE baths cause of the after bath treats!

Anyways, I'm sorta glad that my pal is working tomorrow cause I sure am tired. I'm looking forward to napping ALL day...


The Brax Blog said...

Wow that is a lot, sounds like you guys had fun!!

Frankie's trainer

Lani said...

it must be in the air, my BFF took me to play in the river it was sooo much fun, I ran here, i sniffed there. I was one tired pup, I think she did it on purpose. when I got home I was too tired to put up a fuss when she dumped me the tub and scrub a dub dub and I was clean. There is a plot there.