Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Walking in Tahoe (by: Lucky)

When you are an old and wise dog like me, you begin to realize that there is so much in life to sniff and enjoy. Why run... when you can walk?

Gerrit probably ran enough for the three of us dogs while we were in Tahoe this last weekend. Crazy pup. It may have taken me 13 years, but I'm finally realizing that when you run fast, you don't get the chance to smell the roses... among the MANY other things that are good to sniff. So, while in Tahoe, I walked. And, walked. It was amazing all the things I discovered. I found sticks. Pine cones. And, of course, all those yummy stinky things I won't list because people just don't understand why us dogs would ever wanna sniff those things.

What's another benefit of walking? When you walk, instead of run full steam ahead... you don't put others in danger. Gerrit failed to mention that when each of those photos of him running were taken... he was running... no, make that sprinting, right towards my pal (aka Gerrit's puppy raiser). That pup has got a great recall, but he can be a little overzealous. At first, I thought that my pal was old and wise like me. As much as her eye was glued to that camera, every time Gerrit came running, she leaped to the side before Gerrit reached her. But, then something happened to make me think she might be old... but, not necessarily wise. Even though she has been around a LONG time, she failed to use that wisdom that comes with old age. She waited just a few seconds too long. She knew better. But, she wanted to get the shot...

Yeah, that's the shot she got... right before Gerrit leaped into her lap at breakneck speed. My pal was more worried about the camera than her own personal well-being, so when she realized it was too late to leap, she moved the camera high in the air at the last second (which is how she got the above shot)... and the next instance she was flat on her back from being pummeled over by a crazy puppy.

What's the lesson in all this? Always listen to the wise old dog. Walk instead of run. And, when you see a crazy puppy running towards you, forget the shot and leap outta the way. Finally, I've gotta learn how to use a camera so that I don't miss classic shots, like my pal getting pummeled over by a crazy puppy!

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Pam said...

Lucky, you better tell Gerrit how lucky he is. It may have been just you and Carlo left had Gerrit done any damage to your pal's camera....