Sunday, August 17, 2008

Phelps Ain't Got Nothin' On Me (by: Carlo)

This weekend I've been practicing my swimming skills. And, let me tell ya'... not to brag or anything... but, that Olympics swimmer guy, Michael Phelps, ain't got nothing on me!

I used to just like to get my paws wet in the pool. I'd stand on the first step and just hang out there. But, my pal taught me that if I go all the way in... that's where the fun really begins! My pal throws a really cool toy in the pool (you can see it in the photo above) and I get to swim out and get it! The only problem is Lucky and Gerrit. They both don't like swimming in the pool. Instead, they lay in wait as I go swimming to retrieve the cool toy. And, as soon as I climb the steps to get out of the pool, they pounce on me, and steal my hard earned toy! Then, they go running off with it! Fortunately, my pal makes them give it back.

Well, I've gotta go... it's time for some more swimming!

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