Friday, August 15, 2008

Dog Level (by: Carlo)

Today Gerrit came home from work and asked me what the heck was up with people at work always using the phrase high level. I laughed and told him, "my friend, even when you are an old and wise 2 year old like me, you will still never understand some of the things people say and do."

I still vividly remember the days when I was an assistance puppy in training. My puppy raiser would take me to meetings and between my snores and dreams, I would hear, "Let's keep this at a high level discussion..." and "We are going to provide just a high level overview..." and "On a high level blah blah blah"… SNORRRRE! (the snore part was me… not the people in the meeting… they all just wish they could have tuned out and snored with me!).

So, what the heck is up with work people always saying high level? My pal tried once to explain it to me. But, I still didn't get it. For me (and any other dog out there), there is just one level. And, that is… DOG LEVEL. If us dogs crouch down low, we might be able to see, smell, and eat (if our humans aren't watching) yummy morsels of food just a little better. And, if we do an "up" or a "lap" we will be at a level high enough to give our humans a big wet kiss. Nice! But, even those lows and highs all fall within... DOG LEVEL.

DOG LEVEL is the best level ever! From this level, you can get pats on your head and scratches behind your ears, you can receive treats for being a good boy, you can easily play with other dogs (even if some are smaller or bigger than you), you can fit on those comfy doggie pillows that humans leave on the floor for us, and you can run fast and the wind will hit your ears just right so they flap in the wind.

So, I ask you… why on earth would you want anything to be at a high level, when there is a DOG LEVEL?

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Lisa and Runza said...

Dog level is definitely the best!