Sunday, March 28, 2010

Gerrit is Rotating Again! (by: Carlo)

While I have been busy on vacation, frolicking on the beaches of Southern California, my little friend, Gerrit has been busy training in school!

In fact, he's been working so hard, that the little guy is rotating into Team Training again! And, he's rotating earlier than expected! We were hoping he would be rotating in May. But, an even earlier Team Training class is starting tomorrow and Gerrit is rotating into it!!!

He is one of seven dogs that are rotating into the Skilled Companion/Facility class. IF Gerrit matches as a Skilled Companion, he will be placed with an adult or child with a disability under the guidance of a facilitator. A facilitator is typically a parent, spouse or caregiver who handles and cares for the assistance dog. Disabilities served include but are not limited to, cerebral palsy, muscular dystrophy, autism and Down’s syndrome. IF Gerrit matches as a Facility dog, he will be placed with a facilitator working in a health care, visitation or education setting.

Of course, we can't get our hopes up too high yet because there are a whole lot of IFs. While there are seven dogs rotating, there are only four people. So, not all of the dogs rotating will be matched. But, those that do will be graduating on April 9!

My pal has her fingers crossed and I have my paws crossed that Gerrit will find his perfect soul mate in this Team Training class. We will hopefully find out Wednesday if he has pre-matched. I'll keep you posted!

So, what does the photo above have to do with Gerrit? Absolutely nothing. I just wanted to show you what I've been up to with my own soul mate... my pal!


Marilyn said...

Go G-dawg! I've got my fingers crossed and the Happy Pitbulls have 8 paws crossed for you too!

Carrie and Waffle said...

go gerrit go!

thanks Carlo for giving us and upadate, it is alwys interesting to hear how other schools operate. We are crossing our paws too!
Waffle and Truffie

Anonymous said...

Oh Carlo, you are the sweetest dog! Your friend Amy H IV in NY.

Erin and GuidePupPompei said...

Good luck to Mr. Gerrit!!