Monday, February 15, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day (by: Carlo)

Even though we now have baby boy, which keeps my pal and me SUPER busy, my pal still always seems to find the time to incorporate me into her photo shoots. Take yesterday, for example...

Baby boy was asleep in his crib. I was sound asleep on my doggie bed. When, all of a sudden I hear, "Hey, Carlo, come here for a minute!" Groggily, I stood up, did a big stretch and shake, and trotted into the other room to see what was up.

I found my pal with camera in hand hovering over the floor. "Uh oh", I thought as I slowed my pace down. But, then in my pal's other hand I saw a bag of dog treats! Sweet! And, I happily picked up my pace until I was sitting right next to my pal, nose and mouth strategically placed right next to the bag of treats.

However, I was not expecting what came next! My pal had me lay down on the floor and she began laying treats down all around my paws in the outline of a heart! Now if you recall, CCI pups are taught not to eat food off the ground. While I am no longer a CCI pup in training, I'm still not supposed to eat food off the ground... at least not when my pal is looking... ;-) So, there I lay as my pal slowly put each treat down, one by one.

It was torture, I tell you! Well, it was torture between the moments when my pal would look up from her handy work and exclaim, "Good boy Carlo!" as she handed me a treat. But those delicious moments were few and far between... since for some reason my pal thinks I've become a little chunky lately and need to be on a diet. Sigh...

Finally the grueling photo session was over and the photo above is one of the end results. Hope you all had a happy Valentine's Day! Can I go back to sleep now?

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