Sunday, October 4, 2009

Woofstock (by: Carlo)

Today I traveled back in time to the 60s, put on a tie dye shirt, and wore flowers in my fur! Ok, ok... not really... but, I did go with my pal to an event where other people and dogs did dress up like it was the 60s! The event was called Woofstock and it was a benefit for an organization called PAWED (People for Animal Welfare in El Dorado County).

There were lots of people and dogs there... and like, I said, many were dressed up for the occasion in 60's attire. My pal and I didn't dress up... but, I did sport that cool bandanna my pal got for me when we went up to Tahoe a few weeks ago. Oh yeah, I was lookin' sharp!

There were all kinds of dog organizations at Woofstock. My buddy Hope was working with her human at the Lend a Heart table. Lend a Heart provides animal-assisted therapy to local facilities. At the Lend a Heart table, there was a game where if you rang a bell, you could win a prize. So, I rang the bell and won a toy! It's a plush bone... and I lOVE it! Since winning it, I've been carrying it ALL over the place.

And, guess what else? We ran into my buddy, Jake (aka "The Other Sandy")! If you don't remember, about a year ago I was in a stage production of Annie. I played the role of Sandy. Because there were so many performances, two dogs were selected to play the role... me and Jake! It was good seeing him again and we both agreed that we missed the ole' stage life!

We also chatted up the lady from Music Plus Dogs. This organization teaches the art and sport of musical canine freestyle. My pal and I have been wanting to learn this for awhile. It looks super duper fun! I can't wait to learn some boogie woogie moves! If you've never seen musical canine freestyle, you can check out one of the BEST musical canine freestyle teams EVER here:


Woofstock sure was loads of fun. I wonder if that's really what life was like in the 60s? Oh, and I almost forgot to tell you about one of the BESTEST things... I got a yogurt treat in a cup! It was sooooo good! I licked the whole thing clean and would have eaten the cup too, if my pal had let me! I LOVE the 60s!

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