Sunday, October 25, 2009

Stinky Stuff and Showers (by: Carlo)

Earlier this week my pal came home and told me she had a shower at work. I didn't understand why the heck she would need to shower at work since she takes a shower every morning before going to work. But, I thought that maybe she did something extra fun that day to make herself really stinky. I know from experience, that the best days are the days I roll in stinky stuff!

I told my pal all of this and she rolled her eyes and said, "No, Carlo, unlike you, I do not like to roll in stank!"

"Then why the heck would you take another shower at work?!" I asked.

"Follow me, Carlo," she said, "I'll show you!"

So, she led me out to her car, where she proceeded to unload a bunch of boxes and bags. I didn't really find it all that interesting... until I saw IT. A soft stuffed froggie toy was hanging from one of the bags! I LOVE soft stuffed toys almost as much as rolling in stank!

My pal noticed my interest, and said, "Check out what this toy does, Carlo!" and she pushed the belly of the froggie. You'll never believe it, but the nicest music started playing! My pal said the music was called a lullaby.

"Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy!" I shouted as I tried to put the stuffed froggie in my mouth, "What else did you bring me?"

My pal pushed my nose away from the froggie, but before she could answer my question, I had already stuck my head in another bag... and saw... a STUFFED DOGGIE TOY!

Smiling, my pal pulled my head out of that bag before I could grab the stuffed doggie and then told me that these toys weren't for me.

"Huh?" I asked, dumbfounded, "but I thought ALL stuffed squishy toys were for me!"

She then told me that these toys were for the soon to arrive baby boy. She went on to explain that the stuffed toys were just a few of the wonderful baby shower gifts that she had received at work. She said that she had the best co-workers in the world and they had given her a really nice baby shower. Excitedly, she showed me other things she had received... like a diaper genie.

Noticing that I was looking a little bummed that the toys weren't for me, she said softly, "Carlo, I'm sure that the baby wouldn't mind playing with his toys with you some day when he is big enough... but, we have to wait awhile before you can do that. And, when you do play with him and the toys, you have to be careful to keep these toys in really nice shape... that means no getting them dirty... and definitely, NO PULLING STUFFING OUT OF THEM."

I pondered what she said for a few minutes, and then gave her a big lick on the cheek. "Ok!" I said, "I'll wait for baby boy! I can't wait to play with him and the toys!" Then, I got distracted and said, "Hey, what are you supposed to do with this diaper genie thingy anyways?!"

My pal explained what the diaper genie was used for. "Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy!" I shouted, "Forget the soft stuffed toys... I really can't wait to play with the diaper genie... stinky stuff here I come!"

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