Thursday, January 14, 2010

Super Nanny (by: Carlo)

I know, I know... I've been one big flakey dog when it comes to writing in my blog lately. But, what's a dog gonna do when he's got a super big important job like me? My pal has officially given me the title of Super Nanny!

As Super Nanny, every day I help my pal as she takes care of baby boy. I follow her around and make sure I am always by her side in case she needs me. For example, my super sonic nose is always the first to detect that baby boy has done a stinky in his diaper. Personally, I think it smells kinda nice... but my pal said that I like other stinky smells too (errrrrrr, yeah, that's true). Anyways, as soon as my nose starts sniffing baby boy's diaper, my pal knows she will soon also smell the stinky and that it's time to change that diaper.

Another thing I help with is carrying a toy as I follow my pal and baby boy around the house. My pal has explained to me that it will be some time before baby boy plays with toys, but I like to carry one with me... just so I'm ready when that magic day happens!

I also help take baby boy on walks. My pal pushes the stroller as I walk proudly next to it. And, I glance into the stroller every once in awhile to make sure that baby boy is doing ok. He's usually sound asleep and looking ever so cute.

There are still times when just my pal and are able to go out for a break. Just the two of us. Like the other night when Baby Daddy got home from work, my pal took me to the river. It was loads of fun, but we didn't stay too long cause we were both missing baby boy. As soon as we got home, I ran and brought him a toy. Taking care of baby boy is a full time job... but, being Super Nanny sure is the best job I've ever had!

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