Monday, September 7, 2009

Zoom Zoom Woof Woof (by: Carlo)

Since Gerrit, the clown, went off to college, life sure has been busy! I knew something was going on when my pal started putting all our stuff in boxes. Next thing you know... all our stuff is in a different house! We've been busy unpacking and getting used to the new digs. But, it hasn't been all work and no play (which is a good thing cause life without play wouldn't be any fun at all!).

We took a break this weekend from unpacking and my pal took me to an event called Zoom Zoom Woof Woof! The event featured two things... cars and dogs... specifically CCI dogs! The car show helped benefit CCI. It sure was a heck of a lot of fun! CCI dog training classes were being held and I even got to help out by being the "distraction". I got to walk around all the dogs in class while they were in down stays and sniff and mess with them. Talk about fun!!! To be honest, it sure was a lot more fun than when I was a pup in training and I had to do the down stays!

We also looked at a bunch of shiny cars, visited with lots of puppy raisers and dogs, and sat and watched the band for awhile...

It was a really fun outing! I'm sure that Gerrit would have loved doing it too. Speaking of Gerrit, we still haven't received his first progress report. But, we did receive his "Dear Family" letter. He said that his trainer is named Erin. And, he said that he gets to play in the yard every day and that it even has a pool with a slide. He didn't make any mention of doing any clown-like antics in college... but, I betcha a zoom zoom car he is the biggest class clown there!

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