Sunday, August 16, 2009

Sending the Clown off to College (by: Carlo)

Well, the little clown, Gerrit, is off to college. He already wrote about what happened before we took him to college, so I'll tell you all about what happened after!

After my pal turned in Gerrit, we (the puppy raisers and pet dogs) headed back to Dillon Beach. I gotta admit... I was relieved to be heading back. When we first got to CCI, I was a little worried that my pal was sending me off to college... AGAIN! College was ok and everything... but, it just wasn't for me... and I sure as heck didn't wanna have to go there again!

The reason we were going back to Dillon Beach is cause we were all going camping! When we got back to our camp site, the people ate dinner, played a game, and commiserated on having turned in puppies... while us pet dogs slept. I sure was tired! Between playing in the sand dunes, watching a bunch of photo shoots of Gerrit, and stressing out about thinking about going to college again, I was one tired doggie!

The people were tired too cause they didn't even play their game all that long. My pal and I retreated to our huge 6 person spacious tent. Even though we had lots of room to spread out, we cuddled next to each other. My pal was feeling REALLY sad because she was missing Gerrit. I've gotta admit... I was missing the little crazy clown too. But, I did what I do best and comforted my pal, and we soon both fell asleep to the sound of slight beach breezes rustling the tent.

The next day, we all went to the beach to play. It was so much fun! And, the perfect way to spend the day after sending the little clown off to college!


Carly said...

Wooooww! What a nice getaway! Hope these other dogs I've encountered would also experience that kind of events. Save A Dog:

Marilyn said...

Carlo!!!! You made me cry! What's up with that. Tell your pal that I invited you to come visit me at work. I think the Geek Squad could use a little therapy :)