Sunday, June 21, 2009

Hide the Puppy! (by: Gerrit)

Today my puppy raiser and I played the funnest game ever! It was called Hide the Puppy... and the puppy was ME!

My puppy raiser was doing laundry (how boring is that?!). I was just about to take a snooze until she was done, when I noticed that the blanket from the bed fell part way onto the floor. Cool! A hiding place! I crawled under the blanket and was very very still. I heard my puppy raiser come back into the bedroom and she said, "Hmmmm... I wonder where Gerrit could be?"

Hearing her say my name made me so happy! As hard as I tried to be super duper still, I just couldn't control my tail... it started to thump in excitement! But, my puppy raiser had no idea where the thumping was coming from! Or, at least she acted like she didn't...

She looked in the closet and said, "Hmmmm... no puppy in here!".

She opened the toilet lid, and said, "Hmmmm... no puppy in here... which is a good thing!". Hee hee, that one made me laugh!

I heard footsteps getting nearer, and then total silence. My tail was wagging so fast by now I'm not quite sure how I managed to stay under that blanket! All of a sudden, I saw my puppy raiser peek under the blanket as she exlaimed, "Boo! I found you!"

I leaped out in a single bound, jumped in her lap, and gave her a big wet kiss on the cheek! Then, I ran off to find a few toys that I could bring to her! I love LOVE LOVE LOVE playing games!

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SpongeLaura said...

I love this story! Reminds me of my own"puppies" who are now 11 and 6 y/o. We still play hide and seek!