Saturday, May 9, 2009

Roses are Red... and so are my Paws (by: Carlo)

A couple of nights ago I was sort of a naughty boy. I know you must be asking yourself how could I, Sweet Boy who can do no wrong, do anything naughty... but, well... it just sort of happened...

My pal and her guy went out for a bit last night. After they left, I headed into the bedroom to take a nap on my pillow, when I came across my pal's purse. It was laying there wide open on the floor... and, even though I knew I shouldn't, I just couldn't help but take a little peak inside. When I stuck my head in, the wafting scent of fruit hit my nose... yum! I fished around and pulled out a pack of gum. I was about to check out this fruity smorgasbord further, when something else in the purse caught my eye. It sort of looked like a little stick, but was shiny all over. Wow, I thought! I LOVE sticks! So, I pulled out the stick and decided that since I had found the ULTIMATE treasure, to retreat to the pillow in the family room for a gnaw fest.

As I began gnawing my treasure, I realized that it wasn't quite as crunchy as a regular stick. In fact, it was a little hard. I was about to give up... when, you wouldn't believe what happened! The stick came apart and the inside of the stick was red and gooey and smelled very nice! Now at the time I had no idea what this miracle stick was... but, I found out later from my pal that I had discovered... LIPSTICK!

I picked up that lipstick and chewed on it a bit. Then, I realized that if I moved it around, it would actually color stuff! So, I took it and drew on my legs and my paws. Oh, and I drew all over the rug too! It was amazing stuff! And, it didn't taste half bad either! So, after drawing for a while, I chomped and chomped until I ate the whole thing! I even ate the tube it came in cause while it was hard at first, I noticed that it softened nicely after a bunch of chewing. In fact, I was just about to make my last final gulp of the metal tube, when I heard keys rattle at the front door.

Now, if I had been a typical dog, I would have thought, “oh, oh... I better hide!”. But, I am Sweet Boy, who can do no wrong. So, I ran happily to the door to welcome my pal home and to show her what an artist I was!

My pal and her guy came into the house, patted us dogs on the head, took a few more steps into the house... and then my pal stopped dead in her tracks. “What the...?!” she exclaimed, as she pointed to the white rug, which now had a very pretty lipstick stained circle right in the middle. She ran over to us dogs, and said, “Are you guys ok???” I didn't realize it at the time, but she thought the red was blood... and that one of us had gotten badly hurt. She looked at Lucky first... and realized she was ok. Then she looked at me... and noticed red all over my legs, paws, and nose. “Wait a minute,” she said, “this isn't blood... what the heck is this?!!”

After a full investigation of the house, my pal and her guy put together what had transpired while they were out of the house. It was all very exciting sleuthing around the house finding the pieces of evidence. Even though I knew what happened, I felt just like a detective!

They picked up a phone and I thought they were going to call a museum to let them know about my masterpieces, but they called the emergency vet instead. I didn't get it... why would a vet want to see my art work? The vet told them that I needed to be carefully observed and that if I started getting sick, to bring me in immediately. Huh? Why should I get sick?

Throughout the night my pal kept waking up and checking on me. It was really nice getting the extra night time pats. And, the next day my pal even worked from home so that she could keep an eye on me. She was relieved to find that I didn't get sick at all!

The photo above is of my lipstick covered paw. This was taken a day after the "incident"... and, after my pal had really scrubbed my paws and legs. I was kind of bummed that my pal didn't take a photo the night I had reached into my inner creative self, cause you should have seen how pretty my paws and legs were then!


Marilyn said...

So...did he actually eat the metal tube, or did you interrupt that part? Either way, you'll find it eventually!

Carrie and Waffle said...

Carlo - that shade is too dark for you! I think I see you more as a pink or coral. Silly Labbie

goodblackdogs said...

Carlo, when is the art auction? You know some dogs make a living doing that...